A young and might I add extremely intelligent 10 year old black American girl and her father released a new song today entitled "Letter to Lil Wayne." The song is by a young lady who calls herself Watoto from the Nile.

In the video the young prodigy did what dozens of grown black rappers and entertainers haven't had the guts to - she directly addressed Lil Wayne's constant disrespect of black women in his songs. 

She gently but firmly denounced the fact that he calls black women out of their name constantly in his "disturbing" songs.

While she specifically spoke to Lil Wayne, she also showed clips of him "hanging" with members of his crew, namely Nicki Minaj. This is a female rapper who recently referred to young black women as "nappy headed hoes" in her song "Did it on Em."

In the song Watoto specifically says that she knows her purpose: "my people I devote my service."

You have to simply watch the entire video to understand why I am so immensely proud of this young lady. She has made a simple yet respectful song that says what many grown up people can't even seem to say to their own kids.

I will do whatever I can to promote her song throughout the universe via social media and other outlets. Please help me do so.

Also, buy her song on CD Baby - it is only 99 cents. If we all get a copy she and her Dad can have a bank account that rivals Lil Wayne, only she will have gotten her money the right way ;)

Love Tabby



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