Musical trio of young black princesses called the SugarStrings play classical music fit for a King.

A little while ago I saw a news report on television about a group of 3 young black girls who play classical instruments and perform for groups of people at schools, churches and community programs.

They call themselves the SugarStrings. Trio members are cousins 13-year-old Adele Williams on violin, 13-year-old Mira Williams on both violin and viola, and 19-year-old Ayana Williams who plays the cello.
The SugarStrings Trio

The SugarStrings have performed at a number of illustrious events, including a fundraiser for Barack Obama, the Chicago Foundation for Women conference and a family concert thrown by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 

What really struck me about the story of these three young black ladies was that they play for other young black kids at churches and schools to inspire these other kids to do the same thing. They want to show other black kids that they too can learn an instrument and enjoy the benefits of a musical education.

Watch a video of one of their performances here:

Learn more about the SugarStrings here -- you can also book them at if you'd like them to visit your school or upcoming event.

You can also donate to the SugarStrings here.



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