Spotlight on a Black Woman Owned Business: 
Bee Mine Products

Bee Mine Hair Serum
Tracey Wilder was rattled by a number of health issues, including stroke, lupus and fibromyalgia. Soon after she experienced hair loss and shedding. So like many ambitious black women, Mrs. Wilder refused to give into her situation -- instead she made lemonade out of lemons by starting her own hair care company. She created a hair growth serum, used it regularly and documented the progress in an online ha ir album.

Bee Mine Products now sells a variety of hair products, including growth serums, hair butters, shampoos and conditioners. Bee Mine Products are natural & organic and have been since Tracey started whipping them up in her kitchen. The main goal of the company is to give hope to women who are experiencing issues with Alopecia, breakage and general shedding. The motto is "Bee Healthy, Bee You, Bee Mine!"

As a lady who years ago experienced the distress of watching my healthy hair shed from my scalp day after day (my issue was due to a dental medication I was prescribed), I know how Mrs. Wilder must have felt. Getting your hair to grow back or at the very least stop shedding is the top thought on your mind each morning. Back then I scrambled for products to fix the issue and mostly came up empty.

I'm happy that today more options are available for women dealing with this issue. So if you're still looking for a natural product to fix your hair issues, you might want to check out Bee Mine Products at .



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