We're talked about so much that there must be something really awesome about us! Here's a list of just 10 of the many reasons why I believe black women are amazing.

1. Black women are resilient. Even in the face of constant negativity coming in from just about every angle, still we rise. We were raised to pick ourselves up and keep it moving. That probably has something to do with why black women are the most likely to want to preserve their lives. It's also why the military wants to study us to find out just how we cope despite all of our challenges.

2. Black women support each other. We have a powerful full fledged B.W.E. movement going on now, full of black women who support and believe in one another. There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to uplifting fellow black women, including these. There are also a number of large meetup groups across the country where black ladies get together to support and build each other up regularly (visit Meetup.com to look for one in your area).

3. Black women validate THEMSELVES. Many black women understand that you can't rely on anyone but yourself to validate who you are. Constantly looking to others for validation only leads to disappointment. No matter what anyone else thinks, black women believe that they're great, and that's that. That's powerful.

4. Black women are witty and humorous. A black woman's wit and humor is singular and can't be matched. That's why adding a black woman to a television show or party always seems to make it more enjoyable. The black comedians who we find so funny most likely got most of that wit from their black mamas. And don't try to engage in a battle of words with a witty black woman -- you'll lose every time!

5. Black women are ambitious. From Oprah to Gabby Douglas to the single mom who got up at 5am every morning to get her nursing degree, black women tend to be extremely ambitious and determined. We want more... the MOST from life. We fight through a number of adversities to achieve our goals.

6. Black women are not afraid to speak out. Black women get a bad rap for having "attitudes" and talking too much, but in truth if more people, both men and women, spoke up for what was right we might have a better world. Black women are not afraid to address an injustice, whether it's against us or another person.

7. Black women age like fine wine. How ironic is it that many black women are teased or put down for having darker skin as young children, but LAUGH LAST at the other end of life! The extra melanin in dark black skin is a benefit that anyone should wish they had more of when they start hitting 40, 50 and 60. (Ask Tina Turner.)

8. Black women are versatile and fashionable. When a black woman steps out, watch out. Whether doing the whole bohemian thing, stepping out in stiletto heels and a hot dress that fits every curve, or just chilling out in a pair of boyfriend jeans, black women make looking beautiful seem easy. The fashion world secretly takes cues from black women, and is obsessed with black beauty to the point where they have started putting their white models in black face.

9. Black women's hair naturally grows up toward God and the heavens. How cool is that? A black woman's natural curly hair resembles a crown on her head -- a daily reminder of how queenly black women are!

10. Black women tend to have a winner's mentality. When someone is miserable they sit around all day complaining and laying blame wherever they can (other than on themselves of course) -- that is a losing mentality. Black women on the other hand tend to seek solutions instead of just complaining. We look for ways to overcome personal challenges and keep moving forward. Now that's a winning mentality.

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