Dorcas Meyers is the proud owner of Roc-A-Natural, LLC, a company committed to encouraging young black girls to embrace natural products and prioritize their health and wellness.

It may not be much of a coincidence that when I decided to go natural about three years ago I also started to learn more about natural health and wellness. I've learned a lot of what I know now by watching documentaries and videos that you won't find advertised or promoted on mainstream media. I'm now using this blogging platform to spread information about healthy products and eating habits. 

For this reason and more I'm happy to feature Ms. Dorcas Meyers. She is a proud naturalista who has worked as a hair model at the world renowned Bronner Brothers International Hair Show and is the founder of Roc-A-Natural, LLC. According to Meyers, Roc-A-Natural aims to "inspire young girls to utilize natural hair products that are free from harsh chemicals causing damage to the scalp, toxins in their bodies and breakout of the skin."

Issues involving black hair sometimes directly relate to health. For instance, there is research that long term use of relaxers and perms may be part of the reason why so many sisters are afflicted with specific types of health conditions like fibroids. These chemicals enter your blood stream when you leave them sitting on your scalp -- especially when it burns into the skin. 

The media and advertisers won't tell you these things (they make too much money off of these potentially harmful products) -- we have to get our information from people who care about the health and wellness of black women.

Dorcas Meyers will be hosting The Roc-A-Natural Hair, Health and Beauty “Transform Your Life” Expo, Sunday, April 6, 2014 at City College, New York, NY for all who are interested in these issues. She is also accepting donations for the Roc-A-Natural Cosmetology and Nutrition/Physical Fitness Scholarship, which will be  presented to a deserving student at the expo.

For more information about Roc-A-Natural LLC and Dorcas Meyers visit



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